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Why Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world

Singapore offers the best of Asia while it maintains Western features that provide so much comfort and security to many travelers who want to know this part of the world. In this region it is possible to find the best of the West and East in a welcoming environment that provides the tourists all the support they need to venture into this new destination.


One of the safest and peaceful places in the world

Half a century ago, Singapore did not exist as such. The smallest town in Southeast Asia made up of more than 60 islands, in just 50 years became a totally modern metropolis. Today, it is the ninth trading power in the world and is a member of the new industrial economies along with Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

In a relatively short time, this town achieved an impressive economic development and is considered as one of the less corrupt places in the world.


A visionary that transformed Singapore

It is worth to mention that such achievements were possible thanks to the work done by Lee Kuan Yew, who served until 1990 as prime minister. This former dignitary took several measures that continue to this day. He formalized English as the main language, so that the inhabitants had the chance to become more competitive in the global market.

He also imposed a severe criminal code that includes the death penalty, which is one of the reasons why Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. The former prime minister practically eliminated corruption and condemned those who had committed those felonies.

He also established strong regulations against drugs. Additionally, he incremented the salary of public officials and restructured the educational system, improvements that gave place to the reduction of crime figures. For such reasons he was considered as a politician with great strategic vision.




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