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Must see attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a fantastic city characterized for its cosmopolitan nature. By exploring its main ethnic neighborhoods, you and your dazzling escorts will be able to appreciate a fascinating fusion of cultures that coexist in harmony.

A captivating city on the Asian continent

Singapore is without a doubt one of the most interesting cities in the Asian continent. It offers the visitor an unrivaled variety of attractions such as casinos, impressive skyscrapers, shopping malls and theme parks. As your stunning escorts will tell you, this is also an impressive town from an architectural point of view.


In just half a century, this city has undergone through an impressive transformation. Nowadays it is quite different from that coastal town where fishermen used to work in a sea of crystal clear waters.

The extraordinary Marina Bay has become the symbol of the city and the most famous tourist area. Spending a single night with your splendid lady from the Escort Directory at one of its most luxurious hotels will give you the chance to experience the most fascinating adventures. You can take her to the viewpoint of the building to admire the best views of the town while you taste the most delicious drinks.

Every night, in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, visitors are able to enjoy a spectacular audiovisual show which consists on the projection of a story made of images and music over a water screen created by powerful fountains.


In addition to all the modernity you can imagine, Singapore offers you the loveliest beaches where you can enjoy the most peaceful and romantic walks with your favorite escort. Delight on its warm waters and its fine golden sand. You could start by visiting the island of Sentosa and its many attractions which include theme parks and a shopping center to mention some.

If you love nature, then you should step by the Jurong bird park where you will be able to admire more than 400 species of birds which live in a controlled environment.

A suspension bridge crosses a portion of tropical forest where you and your fabulous escorts can appreciate the most beautiful birds at the height of the treetops. You can also observe how their caregivers feed them and provide them everything they need.


Surprising attractions that you cannot miss out

Leaving behind the most modern area of the city, you can explore the Muslim neighborhood. You and your gorgeous escort will find in its renovated streets coffee shops where you can smoke hookah or have a delicious tea. In this area you will also find perfume shops, Lebanese restaurants and modern bars that are filled every night with young people.

The sound of this neighborhood is the call to prayer and women dress covering their heads. However, everyone is welcome here.

Let your amazing escorts take you to the Mosque of the Sultan. With its two golden domes, its white facade and its minarets, this is the star of this Singapore neighborhood. It was originally built at the beginning of the nineteen century with the financial help of Raffles, the founder of the city. However, in 1928 the original edification was replaced by the current one, a temple that non-Muslims can access as long as they wear adequate garments.




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